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Dial *#06# to IMEI lookup the device IMEI number

A unique identifier for your mobile phone, the IMEI is used by manufacturers and carriers to track info about your product and its warranty. To Imei number check; follow the copy the number and follow the below instructions.

Enter the IMEI

We need your IMEI or serial number to look up the gadget with the manufacturer and carriers worldwide so that we can generate a report for you. Just enter the IMEI number below and then click Check IMEI!

Get Mobile Information

Access your report instantly, free of charge, and learn a lot about your cell phone or tablet, including specifications, warranty status, and blacklist status.

Online IMEI Check Free Advantages

Confirm the authenticity of the device

Faking or failing the specifications of a product can be either intentional or accidental. Checking the IMEI can tell you whether your phone meets the brand and model that you purchased, and that it is stated on the manufacturer’s database. In addition, you can check whether you have received a faulty item.

Locks activation, Carrier check and More

Most manufacturers install security capabilities into the items they develop, which can prevent unintentional misuse of your data and maintain your privacy when you use your devices. Many users often overlook the fact that such security features are engaged by default, or inadvertently reject them when selling their devices. New phones may also be locked to a carrier server, which restricts them to only working with a certain service.

Evaluate Gadget before you Buy or Sell

IMEI checks can be used to ascertain the worth of a device, its warranty period, its blacklist history, its specifications, and the availability of activation or SIM card locks, so you’ll be able to evaluate your cell phone prices before buying or selling.


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